WITS 2022 Awards


Best Dissertation Award

Prasanna Parasurama (New York University)

for the dissertation on “Algorithms and Hiring Bias”

Best Student Paper Runner-Up Award

Mingwei Sun (University of Maryland); Kunpeng Zhang (University of Maryland)

for their article on “Sec2Sec Co-Attention Transformer for Video Emotion Prediction”

Best Student Paper Award

Zenan Chen (University of Minnesota); Jason Chan (University of Minnesota)

for their article on “Less is Not Always More: Investigating the Impact of Social Media Blockers on Work Time”

Best Workshop Theme Paper Award

Dongchen Zou (Tsinghua University); Meilin Gu (Tsinghua University); Dengpan Liu (Tsinghua University)

for their article on “When Ownership and Copyright Are Separated: Economics of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplaces”

Best Paper Runner-Up Award

Yuyue Chen (Drexel University); Hao Zhong (ESCP Business School), Churanren Liu (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Hande Benson (Drexel University)

for their article on “Decision Aggregation with Reliability Propagation”

Prabuddha De Best Paper Award

Kyuhan lee (Arizona State University); Jihae Suh (Seoul National University of Science and Technology), Jinsoo Park (Seoul National University)

for their article on “Is Transparency the Best Policy? Impact of (Im)Plausible AI Transparency on Human Trust in AI for Fake News Detection”