About WITS

WITS was conceptualized in 1991 by Richard Wang (MIT) and Dr. Sudha Ram (University of Arizona). Subsequently, the first conference was held on December 14th in Boston and co-chaired by Richard Wang and Sudha Ram. Also, involved in the early conferences were Sal March, Prabuddah De, Al Hevner, Stuart Madnick, Veda Storey, Diane Strong, Andy Whinston, Carson Woo, and others.


The WITS community is focused on addressing complex business problems or societal issues using current and emerging information technologies.  We also encourage research that can change the way information technology functions (e.g., by designing, modifying, or constructing systems) so that they can better solve real-world problems. All problem-solving paradigms – including empirical, analytical, behavioral, experimental, and computational – are invited. Integrative approaches, whether methodological or functional, are welcome. WITS research is often prescriptive (toward providing a solution to a problem), rather than descriptive (explaining a phenomenon), unless the explanation clearly helps in developing a solution. We particularly invite work that is early, but has the potential to make a significant impact – innovation and novelty are at least as important as completeness and rigor.