WITS Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Award Nominees and Winners

– 2018 –

  • Jerry Luo, Xuan Wei, Daniel Dajun Zeng, and Junming Yin, Towards Better Learning from Crowd Labeling: A Variational Inference Approach (Best Paper Award)
  • Yuheng Hu, Characterizing Social TV Activity Around Televised Events: A Joint Topic Model Approach (Best Paper Award)
  • Kaung Khin, Philipp Burckhardt, and Rema Padman, A Deep Learning Architecture for De-identification of Patient Notes: Implementation and Evaluation (Best Paper Nominee)
  • Jie Tao, Aspect Extraction from Online Consumer Reviews with WordNet-Guided ContinuousSpace Language Models (Best Paper Nominee)

– 2017 –

  • Liliane Ableitner, Verena Tiefenbeck, Sabiölla Hosseini, Schöb Samuel, Gilbert Fridgen and Thorsten Staake, Real-World Impact of Information Systems: The Effect of Seemingly Small Design Choices (Best Paper Award)
  • Haoyuan Feng, Jin Tian and Jennifer Zhang, Modeling User Interest Evolution with Expertise Accumulation (Best Paper Runner-up)
  • Zhiling Guo, Jin Li and R. Ramesh, Optimal Resource Provisioning in Virtualized Cloud Data Centers (Best Paper Nominee)
  • Warut Khern-Am-Nuai, Matthew Hashim, Alain Pinsonneault, Weining Yang and Ninghui Li, Designing Better Password Strength Meters By Incorporating Contextual Information (Best Paper Nominee)
  • Dapeng Liu, An Ontology-Driven Framework Leveraging Indexical Pragmatics (ODIP) for Domain-Specific Information Retrieval (Best Paper Nominee)

– 2016 –

  • Shalinda Adikari, Kaushik Dutta and Jungpil Hahn: Temporal Feature Grouping Based Campaign Optimization in Real-time Bidding Digital Advertising (Best Paper Award)
  • Yun Wang, Faiz Currim and Sudha Ram: Deep Learning for Bus Passenger Demand Prediction Using Big Data (Best Paper Runner-Up)
  • Cheng Nie, Zhiqiang Eric Zheng and Sumit Sarkar: Manipulating Consumer Opinion: Incumbents Reaction to Competition from the Sharing Economy (Best Paper Nominee)
  • Gediminas Adomavicius, Jesse Bockstedt, Shawn Curley and Jingjing Zhang: Effects of Personalized and Aggregate Top-N Lists on User Preference Ratings (Best Paper Nominee)

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