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(WITS 2019)

DECEMBER 18-20, 2019, Munich, Germany

supported by the
INFORMS Information Systems Society and the
INFORMS Section on Auctions and Market Design

The 29th Annual Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS’19) is taking place in Munich, Germany on December 18-20, 2019, just after the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for discussion and interaction among scholars with research interests in the cutting-edge issues of information technologies and systems. The theme of WITS’19 is “Markets for Policy Making and Sustainability.”

The digital economy has led to many new electronic services where supply is matched with demand for various types of goods and services. While only a few years ago academics were mainly concerned with models describing markets, more and more people and organizations are now in a position to design market rules that are being implemented in software. Such electronic markets have widely been adopted in the private sector, but they have also become a powerful tool for policy makers. Examples include energy markets, mobility markets, spectrum auctions, emission trading, or markets for the reallocation of access rights to public assets, where policy makers need to define the rules of the game. Markets can be an excellent means to achieve sustainability goals, e.g., to limit carbon emissions, or prevent overfishing of the seas. The design of such markets requires information technology, economics, and algorithms to implement the policy objectives. This year’s conference theme should inspire IS researchers to get involved in market design, policy advice, and the many exciting challenges in this domain.

WITS invites research papers in a broad range of topics. Papers should utilize any problem-solving paradigm, such as empirical, analytical, behavioral, experimental, or computational. Topics should cover novel ideas in the areas including, but not limited to:

Agent-based Systems
Agile System Development
Cloud Computing and Virtualization
Information Personalization and Recommender Systems
Data, Text, and Web Mining
E-Business and Electronic Market Design 
Enterprise Systems and Resource Planning
Green IT
Grid Computing
Healthcare IT
Human-Computer Interface
Information Quality, Privacy, and Security
Intelligent Systems and Technologies
Mobile Commerce and Wireless Technologies
Peer-to-peer Technologies
Process Management and Mining
Resource and Organizational Modeling
Search Engines
Security Techniques for Information Systems
Service-Oriented Architecture Web Services
Social Networks
Supply Chains and IT
Systems Analysis and Design
Systems to Support Collaboration & Negotiation
Internet of Things

Journal Publication Opportunity

Authors of selected workshop papers and research prototypes will be invited to submit complete versions of their research for fast track review or special issues at a journal. More information is forthcoming shortly.


Deadline for paper submissions:August 20, 2019 11:59 pm
(US Pacific Time/PST)
Notification of paper acceptance:October 10, 2019
Demo/Prototype/Poster/Dissertation Proposal/Teaching InnovationOctober 22, 2019
Final copy due:October 31, 2019

For detailed information about the submission, please check Submissions page.

REVIEW  CO-CHAIRS                                                   LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS CHAIR
Yixin Lu, Assistant Professor, George Washington University.

Gautam Pant, Associate Professor, University of Iowa.

Paul Karaenke, Tech. University of Munich.
Joern Grahl, Professor, University of Cologne.Konstantina Valogianni, Assistant Professor, IE Business School, Madrid.

Soumya Sen, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota.

Tobias Brandt, Assistant Professor, Rotterdam School of Management