WITS2021 People


General Chairs

Maytal Saar-TsechanskyNachiketa Sahoo
University of Texas at AustinBoston University

Review Co-ordination Chairs

Wenjun ZhouJunming YinKunpeng Zhang
University of Tennessee, Knoxville University of ArizonaUniversity of Maryland, College Park

Local Area Chairs

Maria De-ArteagaYan Leng
University of Texas at AustinUniversity of Texas at Austin

Ignite (Short Talk) Session Chairs

Edward McFowland IIIYingjie Zhang
University of MinnesotaUniversity of Texas at Dallas

Web Chairs

Yicheng SongTong Wang
University of MinnesotaUniversity of Iowa

Publicity Co-chairs

Konstantine BaumanKonstantina Valogianni
Temple UniversityIE Madrid

Best Paper Award Chair

Daniel Zeng
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Best Thesis Award Chair

Balaji Padmanabhan
University of South Florida