WITS2020 Dissertations


NameDissertation TitleVideo
Somnath Bhattacharya, IIT KanpurConsumer Centric Design of Recommender Systems
Eric Bogert, University of GeorgiaAn Investigation of the Human Propensity to Agree with Artificial Intelligence Across Diverse Tasks of Heterogenous Difficulty
Paul Sutterer, Technical University MunichEssays on Bidding Strategies and Auction Design
Keran Zhao, University of Illinois at ChicagoThe Emergence of Live Streaming: Exploring Heterogeneity and Dynamics of Live Streamers
David Holtz, MIT Sloan School of ManagementEssays on the Design of Online Marketplaces and Platforms
Tianyou Hu, The University of AucklandUnderstanding Value and Quality of Free and Paid Financial Advice on the Internet
Avijit Sengupta, University of South FloridaDesigning a Health Coach-Augmented mHealth System for the Secondary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease
Arturo H. Cano Bejar, National Tsing Hua UniversityThe Dual Nature of Control in Social Networking Services
Kalpit Sharma, Indian Institute of Management LucknowFrameworks for Cyber-risk Management
Yipu Deng, Purdue UniversityDynamics of Human Behavior in the Machine-Platform-Crowd Transformation
Mayukh Ghosh, University of AmsterdamData Driven Transportation and Logistics
Yang Gu, University of ArizonaNatural Language Processing for Complex Tasks: Design Challenges and Solutions in the Era of Deep Learning
Katsiaryna Siamionava, Georgia Institute of TechnologyEssays on Strategic Digital Initiatives In Modern Organizations