Overview and Program Schedule

WITS 2018 was held in lovely San Jose at Santa Clara University on December 16-18, 2018. The detailed program schedule and detailed program brochure for the conference can be found here:

WITS 2018 Program Schedule

WITS 2018 Detailed Program Brochure

Organizing Committee

General Co-Chairs:

Kaushik Dutta, University of South Florida

Zhengrui (Jeffrey) Jiang, Iowa State University
Review Coordinators:

Xiao Fang, University of Delaware

Abhijeet Ghoshal, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Local Arrangement Co-Chairs:

Yasin Ceran, Santa Clara University

Haibing Lu, Santa Clara University
Poster and Prototype Demos Session Chair:

Hong Guo, Notre Dame University

Jingjing Li, University of Virginia

Best Paper Award Nominees and Winners:

Kaung Khin, Philipp Burckhardt, and Rema Padman, A Deep Learning Architecture for De-identification of Patient Notes: Implementation and Evaluation (Best Paper Nominee)

Yuheng Hu, Characterizing Social TV Activity Around Televised Events: A Joint Topic Model Approach (Best Paper Award)

Jie Tao, Aspect Extraction from Online Consumer Reviews with WordNet-Guided ContinuousSpace Language Models (Best Paper Nominee)

Jerry Luo, Xuan Wei, Daniel Dajun Zeng, and Junming Yin, Towards Better Learning from Crowd Labeling: A Variational Inference Approach (Best Paper Award)

Best Dissertation Proposal Award Nominees and Winner:

Saeede Eftekhari, Health Information Exchanges: Impact on Healthcare Costs, Referral Networks, and
Induced-Utility in Referral Processes
(Best Dissertation Proposal Award)

Yuanyang Liu, Predicting Labor Market Competition and Employee Mobility --- A Machine Learning
(Best Dissertation Proposal Nominee)

Rakesh Mallipeddi, Essays on Operational Problems in Digital Economy (Best Dissertation Proposal Nominee)

Weiguang Wang, Using Deep Learning to Improve Healthcare Quality and Efficiency (Best Dissertation Proposal Nominee)