WITS 2015

Overview and Program Schedule

WITS 2015 was held in beautiful Dallas, Texas on December 12-13, 2015. The detailed program schedule for the conference can be found here: WITS 2015 Program Schedule

Information regarding the organizing committee, best paper award nominees, and best dissertation nominees is as follows.

Organizing Committee

General Co-Chairs:

Varghese S. Jacob, Lars Magnus Ericsson Distinguished Professor, University of Texas at Dallas

Subodha Kumar, Carol and G. David Van Houten, Jr. ’71 Professor, Texas A&M University
Review Coordinators:

Sudip Bhattacharjee, Associate Professor, University of Connecticut

Zhengrui (Jeffrey) Jiang, Thome Professor in Business, Iowa State University
Local Arrangement Co-Chairs:

Syam Menon, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Dallas

Harpreet Singh, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Dallas
Poster and Prototype Demos Session Chair:

Pallab Sanyal, Associate Professor, George Mason University


Emre M. Demirezen, Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Binghamton

Best Paper Award Nominees and Winners:

Haodong Yang and Christopher Yang, “Mining Heterogeneous Healthcare Networks Extracted from Health-Consumer-Contributed Contents for Adverse Drug Reaction Detection” (Best Paper Nominee)

Ahmed Abbasi, Jingjing Li, Sohaib Abbasi, Donald Adjeroh, Marie Abate and Wanhong Zheng, “Don’t Mention It? Analyzing User-generated Content Signals for Early Adverse Drug Event Warnings” (Best Paper Award)

Hasan B. Kartal and Xiaobai Li, “Protecting Privacy Against Multiple Record Linkage Attacks” (Best Paper Award)

Nishtha Madaan, Radha Krishna Pisipati and Kamalakar Karlapalem, “FRWS: Towards Failure Resilient Workflow System” (Best Paper Nominee)

Atefeh Taghavi and Carson Woo, “A Role Clarity Framework to Improve Requirements Gathering” (Best Paper Nominee)

De Liu and Adib Bagh, “New Privacy-Preserving Ascending Auction for Assignment Problems” (Best Paper Nominee)

Dissertations and Best Dissertation Nominees:

Konstantina Valogianni, “Designing Intelligent IS artifacts for Managing Electric Vehicles” (Dissertation)

Hooman Hidaji, “Third-Party Usage: Users’ Privacy Concerns and Website’s Dilemma” (Dissertation)

Jing Gong, “The Impact of IT-Enabled Globalization: A Structural Two-Sided Matching Model of Online Labor Market” (Dissertation)

Seoungwoo Lee, “Free, Paid, or Freemium: Dynamic Versioning Decisions for Mobile Apps” (Best Dissertation Proposal Nominee)