A Message about WITS 2020 to the WITS Community

A Message about WITS 2020 to the WITS Community

This year, 2020, has been special in so many ways. Some of these have been good, others not so much. The Global COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic clearly falls into the second category. The toll on society, families and the global economy has been devastating. With a significant portion of humanity “sheltering in place” and practicing “social distancing”, all kinds of group activities, from sporting events and concerts to professional and academic conferences, have been massively disrupted. And WITS is no exception, raising questions in our community about the upcoming WITS 2020.

Well folks, rest assured that WITS 2020 will indeed be held this December. We plan to celebrate 30 years of important and impactful research in information technology and systems with a dynamic and engaging program. While it is unclear at this point whether we will all be on-site in Hyderabad, India, we are confident that the WITS community will come together, exchange ideas, learn about exciting research and creative innovations, and hear from influential thought leaders. If we are unable to assemble in Hyderabad, we will leverage cutting-edge information technology (after all, that’s what we are all about) to have an enjoyable and productive virtual/online workshop.

So all of us should plan for WITS 2020 as usual, with the exception of making travel arrangements yet. Plan to submit your best work, and rest assured that if accepted, it will receive the same attention and audience you are used to getting at WITS. The co-chairs of WITS 2020, Rema Padman and Soumya Sen, are working with their committees to organize a memorable event, and will be updating us with more details over the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy!

-Amit Basu
WITS President