INFORMS Award – Past Winners

2022 Call for Nominations
Submission deadline: December 15, 2022

Team 1: Designing Next Generation High-Speed Auction Markets

  • Alok Gupta, University of Minnesota
  • Wolfgang Ketter, University of Cologne and Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Yixin Lu, George Washington University
  • Eric van Heck, Erasmus University Rotterdam

    Team 2: An Information System for COVID-19 Hospitalization Tracking and Analysis

  • Soumya Sen, University of Minnesota
  • Pinar Karaca-Mandic, University of Minnesota
  • Archelle Georgiou, Starkey Technologies
  • Yi Zhu, University of Minnesota
  • 2020

    Identifying People with Emotional Distress in Online Social Media

  • Michael Chau, The University of Hong Kong,
  • Tim M. H. Li, The University of Hong Kong,
  • Wenwen Li, Fudan University,
  • Jennifer J. Xu, Bentley University,
  • 2019

    TheoryOn: A Design Framework and System for Behavioral Ontology Learning from Text

    Jingjing Li (University of Virginia), Kai Larsen (University of Colorado) and Ahmed Abbasi (University of Notre Dame)


    Electronic Exchange Markets for Trading Fishery Access Rights

    Martin Bichler (Technical University of Munich), Douglas Ferrell (Department of Primary Industries, New South Wales, Australia), Vladimir Fux (Technical University of Munich) and Jacob Goeree (University of New South Wales)

    Nomination Letter

    Text Analytics Suite for Consumer Product Safety Surveillance

    Alan Abrahams (Virginia Tech), Weiguo Fan (Virginia Tech), G. Alan Wang (Virginia Tech) and Rich Gruss (Radford University)

    Nomination Letter

    Social Network Analytics: Adoption, Persuasion, Recommendation, and Knowledge Refreshing

    Xiao Fang (University of Delaware), Olivia R. Liu Sheng (University of Utah), Paul J. Hu (University of Utah), Zhepeng Li (York University), Xue Bai (University of Connecticut)

    Nomination Letter

    Improving Information Quality of User-generated Content: Design Theory, Real-world Instantiation and Evaluation

    Jeffrey Parsons and Roman Lukyanenko (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

    Supporting Documentation

    Smart Data Pricing

    Soumya Sen (University of Minnesota), Carlee Joe-Wong (Princeton University), Sangtae Ha (University of Colorado, Boulder), Mung Chiang (Princeton University)

    Nomination Letter

    Design of Privacy-safe Personalized Content Offering

    Juliana Sutanto (ETH Zurich), Chuan Hoo Tan (City University of Hong Kong), and Chee Wei Phang (Fudan University)

    Nomination Letter

    Privacy that Matters: Designing IT Artifacts for Privacy Protection

    France Belanger (Virginia Tech), and Robert Crossler (Mississippi State)

    Nomination Letter

    Design of Automated Agents Capable of Recognizing and Forecasting the Economic Environment

    Wolfgang Ketter (Erasmus University), John Collins, Maria Gini, Alok Gupta, and Paul Schrater (University of Minnesota)

    Nomination Letter

    CoCoA: Continuous Combinatorial Auction

    Gediminas Adamovicius, Shawn P. Curley, Alok Gupta (University of Minnesota), and Pallab Sanyal (George Mason University)

    Nomination Letter

    Avatar-based Kiosk for Automated Interviewing and Deception Detection

    Douglas S. Derrick and Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr. (MIS Department, University of Arizona).

    WITS Prototype Submission

    Information Market-Based Decision Fusion

    Manish Agrawal and Kaushal Chari (Department of Information Systems & Decision Sciences, University of South Florida) and Johan Perols (School of Business Administration, University of San Diego)

    Nomination Letter

    Social Network-based Marketing Systems

    Brian Dalessandro, Shawndra Hill, Sofus Macskassy, Foster Provost, and Xiaohan Zhang (Information Systems Group, Stern School of Business, New York University), Chris Volinsky (AT&T Research), Rod Hook and Alan Murray (Coriolis Ventures)

    Nomination Letter


    Martin Bichler, Thomas Setzer and Benjamin Speitkamp (Department of Informatics, Internet-based Information Systems, TU Munchen).

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    Hsinchun Chen (Department of Management Information Systems, University of Arizona)

    Nomination Letter