WITS 2017: December 14-15, 2017, Seoul, South Korea

Call for Papers

The submission deadline has been extended to August 30, 2017!

Design Innovations for Human-Computer Symbiosis

“…the main intellectual advances will be made by men and computers working together in intimate association” — J. C. R. Licklider, 1960.

While Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other autonomic technologies are usually in the spotlight, many important problems are often solved through humans and computers working cooperatively. Thus, the design of information systems has to focus as much on Intelligence Augmentation (IA) as it would on Artificial Intelligence (AI). IA requires a focus on interaction design that optimizes the ability of human analysts to direct the computational process. As such, the designers of information systems have to increase their focus on interactions and interface points such that the execution of computational algorithms can be directed towards more focused and efficient problem-solving paths. Applications of augmented intelligence are beginning to emerge in a number of domains such as cybersecurity, counter-terrorism and space exploration. WITS 2017 invites IS researchers to present their best work to highlight how they are beginning to seamlessly integrate human and computer intelligence to solve interesting and important business and societal problems.

The workshop theme encourages submissions from a broad range of topic areas, including the following:

Agent-based Systems

Agile System Development

Autonomous Learning Systems

Cloud Computing

Collaboration and Recommender Systems

Semantic Web/Ontology

Conceptual Modeling

Data, Text, and Web Mining

Data Warehousing & OLAP

E-Business and E-Commerce

Enterprise Systems and Resource Planning

Green IT

Grid Computing

Healthcare IT

Human-Computer Interface

Information Personalization Technology

Information Quality, Privacy, and Security

Intelligent Systems and Technologies

Knowledge Management Technologies

Mobile Commerce and Wireless Technologies

Peer-to-peer Technologies

Process Management and Mining

Resource and Organizational Modeling

Search Engines

Security Techniques for Information Systems

Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Service Innovations

Social Networks

Supply Chains and IT

Systems Analysis and Design

Systems to Support Collaboration & Negotiation



Journal Publication Opportunity

Authors of selected workshop papers and research prototypes will be invited to submit complete versions of their research for fast track review or special issues at ACM TMIS and Journal of the AIS. More information is forthcoming shortly.

Important Dates

Deadline of Paper Submission: August 22, 2017 August 30, 2017
Notification of Accepted Paper: October 15, 2017

For detailed information about the submission, please check Submissions page.